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Top Ranked Schools Near Tempe, AZ

Life’s busyness is a bane of the modern world. Earning your private or commercial pilot’s credentials doesn’t require a completely free schedule. Sierra Charlie Aviation, one of the top ranked flight schools near Tempe, AZ, will allow you to pursue your goals on your own schedule without sacrificing quality or safety.

Top Ranked Schools Near Tempe, AZWe offer easy access to accommodations and practice airfields because of our location within the Scottsdale Airport (SDL), and we can adjust the content, methods, and schedule of our lessons to better facilitate your schedule or learning style. This flexibility is possible because we’re an institution that operates under the governance of Federal Aviation Regulations FAR Part 61 as opposed to Part 141.

Part 61 schools are allowed some leeway, while Part 141 institutions are not. Full-time student-pilots should choose Part 141 with its strict schedule and curriculum, but those with scheduling issues should go with Part 61 facilities, like ours. It will require self-motivation and intensive dedication, but you’ll still be able to fulfill life’s obligations while learning.

No matter which type of school suits you better, pilots learn the same material and skills, face equivalent checkrides, and earn the same pilot’s certificates.

The flight instructors at Sierra Charlie Aviation are incredibly well-trained with a wide breadth of experiences in types of aircraft and conditions. Using Cessna-authorized, computer-based instruction, we’ll establish your knowledge base and flying abilities on your own timeline. The intense training demands that you mesh well with your instructor, and we offer several committed, passionate professionals.

We make it easy for you to gain experience in the air as well. The weather and location make flight practice simple to further your progress and keep your skills sharp.

Qualifications for earning a private pilot’s license:

  • 17 years old at time of application (training can begin earlier)
  • Demonstrate literacy and fluency in English
  • Clear an FAA medical exam
  • Receive and document instruction from a Certified Flight Instructor
  • Pass a content area test in multiple choice form
  • Log the minimum amount of flight experience
  • Receive a minimum of 40 hours of instruction and solo flight time (FAR Part 61) or 35 hours (Part 141)
  • Pass a checkride given by an FAA examiner

With a private pilot’s certificate, you’ll be able to fly a single-engine aircraft with your family and friends as passengers. Transform your family outings into adventures!

After getting your license, you should establish an Instrument Rating to be able to go out in various weather conditions. You might also consider pursuing a commercial pilot’s license if you plan to pursue flying as a career. In these cases, next steps will include getting a Multi-Engine rating to progress beyond a single-engine aircraft.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA, one of the premiere aviation organizations, has repeatedly recognized the staff and instruction here at Sierra Charlie Aviation for outstanding experiences and results. Our owner and Senior Flight Instructor, Scott Campbell, has individually been named as one of the top 10 flight instructors in the entire United States.

For an effective plan for learning to fly, consider the top ranked schools near Tempe, AZ, including Sierra Charlie Aviation. We offer stellar aircraft, curriculum, flight instructors, and even weather! The first step to pursuing your flight ambitions is to call us at (480) 474-4115.