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Top Ranked Schools in USA

If becoming a certified pilot is on your bucket list, pursue your goal at Sierra Charlie Aviation, one of the top ranked schools in the entire USA.

We’re proud to have been recognized repeatedly by the AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association for the overall experience as well as the quality of instructors, in particular our owner and Senior Flight Instructor, Scott Campbell.

The Sierra Charlie Aviation Advantage

Top Ranked Schools in USASierra Charlie Aviation offers flight instruction through the authorization of the FAA under FAR Part 61. Our instruction is less complicated and more customizable than a FAR Part 141 institution. The FAA mandates the specific criteria student-pilots must learn, but the Part 61 programs let instructors change up the order and content of lessons to suit particular students. This flexibility will allow you to maintain your obligations, both family and occupational, and still pursue becoming a pilot.

The checkride and license earned is the same regardless of the type of school you attend, so you should choose according to the way that you learn best, the amount of time you have available, and the demands of your family and job. To use GI benefits to pay for your flight education, you’re required to attend a Part 141 school, where learning is a full-time endeavor and no flexibility exists.

Quality, Safe Training Fleet

Pilots who learn to fly with us enjoy safe, high-quality aircraft for training. Our fleet consists of Cessna 172 Skyhawks equipped with G1000 and GFC700 autopilot for single-engine training and a Piper Seminole for multi-engine students. Both of these choices are standard for training new pilots. As a Certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), Sierra Charlie uses a proven curriculum to fully prepare our pilots. We cover every single skill you’ll need to clear your checkride at the end of the program.

Terrific Flying Weather and Locale

Sierra Charlie Aviation operates out of the Scottsdale Airport (SDL), a tower-controlled airport with an 8,000+ foot runway. We’re near several practice airfields and offer more than 350 days of ideal flying weather each year. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to fly when learning with us.

Our proximity to several cities – including Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, and more – makes us a terrific option for prospective pilots. If you live in the area, the commute is easy, and if you’re using vacation time, you’re near enough to several cities that your family can enjoy the stay as well.

Available Programs

Private pilot certificates, Commercial pilot certificates, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI / CFII) certification, Multi-Engine add-on ratings, and an instrument rating (IFR) are all available programs here at Sierra Charlie Aviation. Each of these certificates follows a period of intense and thorough training and a cleared checkride.

Professional, Experienced Flight Instructors

The flight training team at Sierra Charlie Aviation is full of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) with a range of experiences in all sorts of environments and aircrafts. The numerous trainers we have in conjunction with our flexible, comprehensive curriculum, allows us to produce well-trained and safe pilots.

When you’re thinking of becoming a pilot, you’ll want to look into the top ranked flight schools in the USA, of which Sierra Charlie Aviation is one. For more information about our program, aircraft, instructors, or curriculum, call us today at (480) 474-4115. We’ll be happy to help you plan your program and schedule a Discovery Flight.