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Multi Engine Time Building Phoenix, AZ

Multi-engine pilot training and time building will improve your position on the aviation career pathway, and Sierra Charlie Aviation offers both near Phoenix, AZ. We’ll help as you master the mechanics and performance involved with twin-engine aircraft with an intense, fast-paced training program and plenty of opportunity for flight practice.

For Single-Engine Certified Pilots

Multi Engine Time Building Phoenix, AZPrivate or commercial pilots are eligible to participate in our program to earn a multi-engine rating. It only makes sense to start with one engine and then graduate to two, where the skills learned form the foundation for further training. Bear in mind as you plan your aviation education that career-minded pilots should begin with a commercial pilot certificate.

The Difference with Twin-Engine Aircraft

Twin-engine planes are more complex than single-engine aircraft. They’re faster, fly farther, and reach greater heights become of the doubled power possible. The planes also have different aerodynamics and balance, so pilots will need practice to learn how to feel out and make up the difference.

The two engines of a twin-engine airplane are often thought to make flight safer. If one engine fails, the pilot has a backup. Unfortunately, the scenario involved with a single engine will require that a pilot be able to maneuver safely in all potential phases of flight when one engine fails – situations that can be some of the most dangerous faced in flight.

Multi-engine flight training requires a significant number of hours flying. You’ll need time to adjust to the various new elements including weight, balance, propeller position, and more. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers plenty of time and opportunity for this practice.

A comprehensive understanding of multi-engine flight training and the differences involved with the craft is a critical element of the program. You need to know the possibilities of the aircraft’s system as well as the limitations and hazards possible.

Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Multi-Engine Program

Here at Sierra Charlie Aviation, the multi-engine training program is a mere seven days. It’s an intense week, but at the end of the program, your private or commercial pilot’s license will be enhanced with a rating that allows you to command multi-engine planes.

Pilot training at Sierra Charlie Aviation is ideal. We’re governed by Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61, so we’re able to provide individualized instruction that will well-prepare you to be the PIC of multi-engine aircraft. Our 100% success rate demonstrates the quality of the training.

The awards we’ve won over several years also demonstrate our program’s quality. From our instructors to the overall program, and even the owner/senior flight instructor, all program elements have been called out as some of the best in the entire United States.

The flight instructors at Sierra Charlie Aviation have years of experience and ample skill. The variety and size of the instructor pool makes it possible for every student-pilot to find an instructor that complements his or her learning style and personality.

Learn to fly a multi-engine plane in our new Piper PA-44 Seminole. It’s the standard for twin-engine training. We also offer a Redbird FMX simulator for ground practice.

The Scottsdale Airport (SDL) where Sierra Charlie Aviation is located provides uncongested skies and beautiful weather along with many practice fields nearby for plenty of flight time.

Multi-engine training and time building near Phoenix, AZ, is offered here at Sierra Charlie Aviation. Schedule your time by calling us at (480) 474-4115.