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Multi-Engine Rating Course Phoenix, AZ

Adding a multi-engine rating to your aviation pedigree is quite rewarding! It allows pilots to operate planes capable of traveling over more miles in shorter periods of time. It’s also a required achievement for those seeking employment as an airline pilot. If you’re looking for a quality course in Phoenix, AZ, look no further than Sierra Charlie Aviation.

A Week of Accelerated Multi-Engine Instruction

Multi-Engine Rating Course Phoenix, AZSierra Charlie, operating out of the Scottsdale Airport, offers superior flight instruction with the authority of Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61. This authority allows for greater flexibility in training. In one short week, our students can earn a multi-engine rating through our accelerated program.

The multi-engine rating accelerated training course here at Sierra Charlie provides all the instruction and hands-on training needed for the safe and appropriate operation of an array of multi-engine aircraft. Throughout the week, students receive ground and air instruction, culminating in a check-ride that serves as an evaluation.

Ground instruction in multi-engine aircraft focuses on the workings of aircraft systems, understanding the limitations of the craft, applying methods for performance, and integrating emergency procedures. This training won’t include any written evaluations, but there will be a verbal demonstration of understanding required. Sierra Charlie provides students with the opportunity to use the Redbird FMX Flight Simulator for further skill development without additional charge.

The flight instruction involved with the program teaches all of the maneuvers required for safe operation and clearing the check-ride. Special attention focuses on a consideration of reactions to an engine going out and operating with a single functioning engine, dealing with a spin occurrence, and appropriate emergency procedures in all sorts of different real-life scenarios.

The first four days of the accelerated program will involve dual training in the air and on the ground. On the fifth day, students have a progress check to ensure that they understand and are prepared to meet the expectations of a check-ride. The sixth day is an off day, and on the seventh, students report for their check-ride.

Sierra Charlie Training Fleet

The training fleet of aircraft here at Sierra Charlie is advanced, new, and well-maintained. For multi-engine training, we employ a Piper PA-44 Seminole. It’s the superior choice among twin-engine training aircraft. We also several new Cessna 172 Skyhawks, several of which are G1000 equipped with GFC700 autopilot.

Choose Quality Flight Instruction with Sierra Charlie Aviation

Known by reputation as a quality source for aviation instruction, Sierra Charlie produces excellent pilots by committing to each student individually and doing everything possible to promote their success. By choosing Sierra Charlie, you receive the following:

  • The most current, safe training fleet available for flight training in the area
  • Award-winning, experienced flight instructors
  • 100% passing track record for multi-engine add-on course
  • Flexibility of scheduling to accommodate all sorts of students
  • Instruction from the 2016 recipient of Flight Training Excellence Awards Honor Roll
  • Oversight by Scott Campbell, owner and senior flight instructor, chosen as one of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s Top 10 Outstanding Flight Instructors

A premiere flight school offering a multi-engine rating course in Phoenix, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation provides a quality program, incredible instructors, and top-notch training aircraft. To earn your add-on rating in just one week, call us to arrange your participation in our accelerated program: (480) 474-1445.