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Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Course Phoenix, AZ

If your dream job is airline pilot, consider the multi-engine commercial pilot course at Sierra Charlie Aviation. We provide the area around Phoenix, AZ, with superior, customizable flight instruction designed to prepare you for your pilot wings.

Pursue the Pilot Perch

Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Course Phoenix, AZThe program at Sierra Charlie for multi-engine rating is an accelerated course designed as an add-on endorsement to an existing license – either private or commercial. For career-minded pilots, it will cost less and save time to add onto a commercial certificate with an existing instrument rating.

While this course has no minimum time requirements, it will give you a leg up on other career endeavors that do. Completing the program will require an instructor’s approval and a cleared verbal and practical checkride.

Providing Premiere Pilot Training

When you choose Sierra Charlie for your aviation education, you’re choosing a top-notch instruction source. We operate under the authority of FAR Part 61 guidelines, and our success rate with the multi-engine rating course is 100%. Our primary concern is turning out proficient and prepared pilots, and we offer the flexibility and individualized instruction needed to meet our student-pilots where they are.

Our focus and commitment to excellence is shown in several awards we’ve received over the years. We’ve been recognized by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as one of the best flight schools in the country, and our owner and head flight instructor, Scott Campbell has been singled out by the AOPA as one of the 10 best flight instructors in the country – just to mention a few honors.

Sierra Charlie offers the best in instructors, aircraft, and location!

Experienced and Varied Instructors

The flight instructors at Sierra Charlie are widely experienced. The diversity of skill and background of instructors allow us to pair the right student with the right instructor for an effective training dynamic.

The Most Appropriate Training Aircraft

For multi-engine training, Sierra Charlie provides a Piper PA-44 Seminole for practical experience. Our entire fleet is advanced, upgraded, and outfitted with modern features and accessories.

The Best Location for Flight Practice

The airport in Scottsdale is the ideal location for flight instruction. We experience over 300 days per year of perfect flying weather, so student pilots can practice often and train hard.

The Demands of a Multi-Engine Rating Program

With our accelerated program, Sierra Charlie pilots can achieve their goal within one week.

  • Days 1-4 = Ground and air instruction
  • Day 5 = Progress evaluation with head flight instructor
  • Day 6 = Day off
  • Day 7 = Checkride

Each day of instruction will include a ground and air component. Ground instruction will go over weather conditions, single-engine performance factors, and aircraft systems of a multi-engine plane. Practical training will cover landing, takeoff, and emergency situations in all sorts of times and scenarios. When the training is complete, you will be prepared for your checkride and becoming the pilot-in-command of a multi-engine craft.

Multi-Engine Rating Course Standards Include:

  • Pre-flight prep
  • Pre-flight procedures
  • Airport procedures
  • Takeoffs
  • Landings
  • Go-arounds
  • Performance maneuvers
  • Ground maneuvers
  • Navigation
  • Stalls, slow fights
  • General instrument methods
  • Emergency reactions
  • Multi-engine performance
  • Night flight
  • Post-flight processes

If you’re ready to pursue a multi-engine commercial pilot course near Phoenix, AZ, call Sierra Charlie Aviation at (480) 637-2118. Every relevant aspect, from our experience to our instructors, location, and training equipment speaks to our superiority as the best flight school in the area. We’re able to provide a level of instruction that will leave pilots confident and competent as they check-in for their checkrides.