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Multi-Engine Add-On Chandler, AZ

Pilot training to pursue an airline career will include an introduction to flight with a single-engine and then progression to learning the mechanics and maneuvers of multi-engine planes. Sierra Charlie Aviation is a great place to earn a multi-engine add on near Chandler, AZ, through an extensive, week-long program.

Starting with a Single-Engine Certificate

Multi-Engine Add-On Chandler, AZPilots generally begin learning with a single-engine aircraft. Just like with riding a bike or driving a car, you start slowly and progress incrementally. The ease of operating a single-engine craft allows pilots to learn the basics before moving on to multi-engine training.

Moving on to Multi-Engine Planes

Multi-engine planes are more complicated. They also reach faster speeds and higher heights because of the increased power. The aerodynamics of multi-engine aircraft require pilots to learn new skills and take on added responsibility.

Many consider multi-engine aircraft to be safer since two engines mean there’s a backup if an engine goes out. However, flying with a single engine in a multi-engine craft can be tricky and requires special skills and maneuvers. At Sierra Charlie, our instructors will explain, demonstrate, and instruct pilots to appropriately react in single-engine situations during every phase of flight.

Part of learning to fly a multi-engine plane is becoming accustomed to the differences of flight. The differences in weight, engines, and propeller positioning will have an effect on performance and will require time to adjust.

In addition to thoroughly understanding the consequences of a multi-engine plane’s aerodynamics, student-pilots will need to understand the limitations of the plane’s performance as well as its complicated systems.

The Multi-Engine Training Course

At Sierra Charlie, we offer multi-engine training through an extensive seven-day course. This rating is designed to be added onto a private or commercial certificate, but it makes the most sense to begin with a commercial certificate if you plan to pursue a career at an airline.

We’re a terrific source for pilot training. Authorized under FAR Part 61, Sierra Charlie offers one-on-one training to students that will effectively prepare pilots like you to command the pilot seat of a multi-engine plane. As evidence of this ability, we proclaim our 100% success rate with our program.

We have also been awarded with several items of recognition over the years. Our instructors, program, and specifically the head instructor/owner has been identified as one of the best in the nation.

Come here to gain the best instructors, equipment, and location.

Flight Instructors – experienced and skilled, the diversity and number of our CFIs, Certified Flight Instructors, facilitate matching students to instructors for appropriate instruction

Training Equipment – well-kept and new, our Piper PA-44 Seminole is safe and features all modern technology you might face in real flying situations. We also provide access to a Redbird FMX Flight Simulator for training purposes.

Ideal Location – near the Scottsdale Airport (SDL), Sierra Charlie offers students proximity to cities without the congested skies common to major airports along with more than 300 days of beautiful flying weather per year.

Training to earn a multi-engine add-on near Chandler, AZ, ought to be pursued at Sierra Charlie Aviation. Call (480) 637-2118 to learn about our extensive program of instruction. It comes with instruction from the most experienced and informed, in the best, most appropriate planes. Walk into your checkride knowing that you’re ready to demonstrate proficiency in multi-engine flight.