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How to Become a Pilot in Phoenix, AZ

If you live in Phoenix, AZ and are wondering how to become a pilot, then the answer is clear. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers you everything you need to get your private license and more. Whether you want to fly for fun or as a professional, we have what you need.

Sierra Charlie Aviation currently provides flight training under the authority of Federal Aviation Regulations (or FAR) Part 61. Our training program is simpler than a FAR Part 141 program.

How to Become a Pilot in Phoenix, AZThere are differences in the minimum flight times required in Part 61 and Part 141 pilot training programs, but the national average for earning a private pilot certificate is 60 to 75 hours, which means the difference is insignificant for most students.

Part 141 schools are structured more rigorously and best suited to full-time students who are pursuing an aviation career. Part 141 training is also required if you wish to take advantage of Veteran and GI Bill benefits.

Part 61 programs allow students to rearrange the content and sequence of their flying lessons to meet their specific goals. If you are only available for training on a part-time basis, Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Part 61 flight school offers excellent flexibility.

Cessna 172 Private Pilot Training

We are an approved Cessna Pilot Center, which means that we use a Cessna-approved curriculum that will make sure you are learning exactly what you need to, including all of the newest, most accurate information.

Education with Cessna approval is the only way to gain a full flight-training experience in the best craft in the business. From training materials to ground learning to flight time, this all-inclusive program covers everything. Nothing can prepare you for your check ride or for life as a pilot the way that Cessna programs can, and the best part is that no prior knowledge or education is required. We make the process of going from complete novice to private pilot as painless as possible, and we do it with the help of Cessna.

Highly Experienced Instructors

Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) have extensive piloting experience—from corporate, to World War II aircraft demonstration, to bush piloting in Alaska – that gives them an exceptional ability to teach and a capacity to diversify training based on the individual needs of our students. Our students enjoy flying with pilots who have handled every situation they could possibly encounter in the air.

In 2019, our flight school won the 2019 Flight Training Experience Award for “Best Flight School in the Western Region.” This is a testament not only to our overall excellence but to our commitment to your quality education. There is no better place to study than Sierra Charlie Aviation.

If you are wondering how to become a pilot and are living in Phoenix, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation offers one of the top flight schools in the USA. As a Cessna Pilot Center, our program is value-driven and designed to get you in the air faster. Call us today at (480) 474-4115 to get started!