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How to Become a Commercial Pilot in Chandler, AZ

If you are looking for an aviation career, you might have multiple options in mind, including a commercial pilot in Chandler, AZ. You have probably researched how to become a pilot and the best airlines for such a career. At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we provide training for individuals looking for opportunities in commercial aviation. A career in commercial aviation can be gratifying and exciting. Many of our students eventually take up careers in commercial aviation due to their rewarding benefits.

Certificates and Ratings

How to Become a Commercial Pilot in Chandler, AZCommercial pilots are required to have several certificates and ratings. First, you need to enroll in private pilot training. The PPL training enables you to fly alone in small aircraft but does not allow you to work as a pilot for a commercial airline.

You will need to get your commercial pilot certificate to allow you to fly for a commercial airline. You must log the minimum flight hours and finish commercial pilot ground school to earn this certificate. In addition, you may need to set some time for training specific maneuvers and conditions. Once you finish your commercial ground school training and log in your hours, you will be required to pass a check ride.

The check ride is more like a driving test; you must finish it to earn your license. The check ride involves taking a flight quiz, planning a flight, and taking flight. It is usually administered by an officer from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). During the check ride, your examiner may ask you to execute specific maneuvers and direct your flight.

Medical certificate

Have an updated second-class medical certificate. To receive the medical certificate, an FAA medical examiner will need to conduct multiple tests to verify that you meet the physical and mental health requirements for commercial pilot training. Commercial airline pilots are subject to these examinations not only during training but also throughout their entire careers.

Instrument Rating

This type of training enables pilots to fly in bad weather and with poor visibility. To receive your instrument rating certificate, you must pass ground school training and log a specific number of instrument flight training hours. In addition, you will need to pass an instrument rating check ride.

Multi-Engine Rating

Once you complete your instrument rating training, you will need to obtain a multi-engine certificate. This is an essential certification because most commercial pilots fly multi-engine aircraft. Like the instrument rating and PPL training, multi-engine training involves ground school training, logging a specific number of hours, and passing a check ride.

Many commercial pilots go ahead to enroll for airline transport pilot certificates after earning their multi-engine ratings. The airline transport pilot certificate is considered a remarkable achievement in aviation because it makes commercial pilots eligible for promotion as captains of commercial airlines. To gain this certificate, you must pass a written exam, complete ground school training, and log a specific number of flight hours.

At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we provide excellent commercial pilot training in Chandler, AZ. Our training enables students to explore multiple career opportunities in civilian, military, and commercial aviation. In addition, we have a fleet of Cessna aircraft, which means students do not struggle to get flight time. Our flight schools are located in beautiful Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona, with excellent flying conditions throughout the year.

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