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FAA Pilot Certification in Chandler, Arizona

Deciding to enroll in a flight  school may sound like an easy decision for some people. However, you need to consider several factors before enrolling for FAA pilot certification in Chandler, AZ. Some of the considerations include flight school requirements and the duration of the course. At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we understand that students have unique goals and needs. We aim to help students fulfill their dreams of flying and getting a pilot certification.


FAA Pilot Certification in Chandler, ArizonaAspiring pilots should be at least 17 years old and speak, read, understand, and write English. They are also required to complete ground and flight training according to federal aviation regulations.

For commercial flight instructors and pilots, an applicant needs to be at least 18 years old and write, understand, speak, and read English. Airline Transport Pilots need to be at least 23 years old. However, some pilots can get a restricted ATP certificate when they are 21.

Training Options

Every pilot certificate involves flight and ground training. The latter is done on the grounds of the flight school and helps to prepare students for the ground part of the FAA practical and written exams. The ground training can be done via one-on-one training with a flight instructor through an online learning program or a computer-based course. The ground school program equips the student with the necessary information for the FAA written exam.

There are several options in flight training, including training with a fixed-based operator or a flight school. Training at an accredited school comes with multiple advantages such as access to aircraft and instructors, well-serviced aircraft, and frequents flights.

Selecting a Flight School

It can be difficult to find reputable flight schools in some locations. In addition, some states may not have the best climate for flight training. Accelerated flight training programs are some of the quickest and least expensive ways to become a pilot. These flight programs offer students the opportunity to gain the needed experience in a short amount of time. The programs involve intense daily training, allowing students to gain flight knowledge and experience safely and quickly. Accelerated training programs may take between a few weeks or months to complete.

Although you can also apply for flight training in specific universities and colleges, the training is usually expensive and may take up to four years to complete. If you decide to go for a college flight training program, be sure to choose an accredited school.

Local fixed base operators offer flight training at the student’s pace. This type of training also has its pros and cons. You can fly to a local airport without the tight schedule of accelerated programs, which may be appealing to some students. On the downside, students in such programs are unlikely to fly regularly. In addition, the course has fewer regulations than accelerated training. Some schools may also have constant scheduling and instructor changes.

Apart from the training methods, there are other factors to consider when choosing a flight school. Cost, instructor availability, aircraft types, location, graduate job placement, living conditions, and student success rates are some of the considerations. Choose a school you are comfortable with and one that offers excellent value for money. As a student, you may spend significant amounts of time in the aircraft, airport, and with your flight instructor. Therefore, the flight school you choose and its environment should be enjoyable.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is one of the premier flight training schools in the country. However, we are not a bunch of boring instructors and students who don’t have time for fun. Our students enjoy time fun activities in between flight training. Life in our schools in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona, is exciting and fun-filled. We take the time to organize appreciation events to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our students. More than anything, students enjoy being part of the Sierra Charlie family. Our students have many pleasant memories of their training, and they usually keep in touch well after graduation.

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