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Commercial Pilot License School in Chandler, AZ

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a flight training school located in Chandler, AZ, that provides excellent programs for aspiring pilots. There is always some misinformation about what a commercial pilot license entails. Many people use the titles commercial pilot and airline pilot interchangeably to mean the same thing. Although an airline pilot is indeed a commercial pilot, some commercial pilots are not necessarily airline pilots.

Commercial Pilot License School in Chandler, AZExamples of commercial pilots include backcountry, tour, and cargo pilots. People with commercial pilot licenses have many career opportunities. For example, they could work as glider tow and ferry pilots or flight instructors. Therefore, do not be intimidated by the program’s rigorous training. Contrary to the common misconceptions, commercial pilots do not practice in jets, although they could in some cases. However, many people complete their commercial pilot training in the same aircraft as their initial PPL.

Eligibility Requirements

It is essential to understand the eligibility requirements for commercial pilots before you enroll in the course. To be eligible for commercial pilot training, you must be at least 18 years old, literate, understand English, and have a PPL certificate. Unfortunately, many people are ineligible for commercial pilot training due to a lack of experience. In addition, you need at least 250 hours of practice to earn a commercial pilot license.

Medical Certificate

To become a commercial pilot, consider getting a second-class medical certificate. Since you must have a private pilot license to become a commercial pilot, chances are you already have an aviation medical certificate. Many students hold third-class medical certificates. If that is your case, consider upgrading to the second-class medical certificate to optimize your commercial pilot privileges. You do not want to start your commercial training only to realize you haven’t passed your second-class medical exam.

FAA Written Exam

Be sure to get your FAA written exam out of the way to enable you to pursue your commercial pilot training. Doing your written exam before the commercial pilot training enables you to have extra knowledge before beginning the training. In addition, it serves as a refresher in case you had taken some time off. Finally, finishing your written exam early enables you to focus on your flight training.


Commercial pilots should demonstrate some flying proficiency and experience. Students under CFR Part 61 must have at least 250 flight hours to be eligible for a commercial pilot certificate. In addition, they need at least 100 and 50 hours of pilot in command time and cross-country flying, respectively. Commercial pilots also need at least 10 hours in a complex aircraft.

Commercial pilots learn new maneuvers and are required to be consistent and precise during their training. In addition, these professionals learn to fly longer, including cross-country flights.

Take the Checkride

Once you demonstrate excellent mastery of commercial flight maneuvers, your instructor may have you registered for a checkride. Since commercial pilots have taken check rides before, they are usually familiar with what to expect. A check ride may involve some groundwork, a verbal exam, and a quick flight. The entire process may last a few hours.

At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we understand how expensive flight training can be. The place you choose to train can make a significant impact on the expected returns. Therefore, we strive to help our graduates by linking them with external job opportunities. In addition, we provide excellent safety management systems to protect our students and employees. Students enroll in our programs because they trust our proven leadership and high standards of training. Sierra Charlie Aviation also boasts state-of-the-art training equipment. We also buy all our aircraft directly from the manufacturer.

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