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Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Chandler, AZ

A commercial multi-engine add-on paves the way for pilots seeking a career with the airlines. Located near Chandler, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation is a superior choice for those seeking an individualized approach for flight training.

Elevate Your Flying Experience

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Chandler, AZGreater heights and speeds are possible with multi-engine aircraft. Graduate to a more powerful airplane with our multi-engine rating course to progress to the next level in your career or simply enjoy a more rewarding flying experience.

Multi-Engine Course Details

While the program won’t culminate with a written exam, measurement to establish proficiency will be the ultimate goal. The checkride on the last day of the program will include a verbal and practical flight component. This measurement is required to ensure that pilots are completely prepared to command a multi-engine aircraft. Sierra Charlie has a 100% success rate regarding our students’ checkride results.

The Sierra Charlie program is seven days long and consists of both a ground and flight component. The add-on rating enhances a private or commercial license, depending on the pilot’s goals for flight training. Choosing whether to begin as a private or commercial pilot depends on the individual’s future plans. If you intend to make a career flying, the commercial certificate makes the most sense.

During the course here, we provide instruction concerning all of the following:

  • Multi-engine aircraft aerodynamics
  • Takeoff procedures
  • Landing maneuvers
  • Go-arounds
  • Emergency responses during every phase of flight
  • Special focus placed on flight when one engine has failed
  • Additional pre-flight demands
  • Post-flight processes
  • Airport procedures

Practical experience during the multi-engine program will be provided in our 2019 Piper PA-44 Seminole. As part of the package, we also provide access to a Redbird FMX Flight Simulator. We keep our entire fleet updated, well-maintained, and outfitted with the latest in aviation technology.

Reasons to Choose Sierra Charlie Aviation

Sierra Charlie is near several cities and operates from Scottsdale Airport (SDL). We experience over 300 days of remarkable flying conditions and offer plenty of practice fields without the busy skies associated with major airports.

The individualized flight instruction we offer is possible because of our standing as authorized under FAR Part 61. We can offer some flexibility of scheduling and instruction order because of this fact. Our experienced and well-prepared Certified Flight Instructors provide pilots with a thorough program of instruction that promotes confidence during a checkride.

Plan for a week with us here at Sierra Charlie that begins with four full days of extensive ground instruction and practical training. Day five will include a check in with the head flight instructor, followed by an open schedule on Day six. The culmination of training occurs on the seventh day with a checkride where pilots will have to verbally demonstrate sufficient understanding and practically prove their ability to handle multi-engine planes in flight.

Multi-engine flight training isn’t the only programs we offer. We also provide instruction for private and commercial certificates, instrument ratings, and certified flight instruction. Our fleet and instructors are exceptional, providing the best flight training available. We’ve been recognized annually for the quality of our CFIs and programs.

Becoming an airline pilot begins with the acquisition of a commercial multi-engine add-on. Sierra Charlie Aviation can provide an extensive education through a week-long course. By calling (480) 637-2118, pilots can put the necessary plans in place.