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Chandler Flight Schools

If your bucket list includes a line about becoming a pilot, why do you continue to put it off? You might have a busy schedule and family obligations, but not all flight schools near Chandler require full-time availability. Come to Sierra Charlie Aviation for a program that relies on flexibility, professional and capable Certified Flight Instructors, and a time-saving curriculum.

Chandler Flight SchoolsWe are a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), an honor we’ve earned with the quality of our fleet, facilities, and instructors. The Cessna Aircraft Company produces the standard machine for flight training, and our students benefit from the Cessna aircraft and training procedures.

Sierra Charlie Aviation, recognized year after year for the quality of our flight instruction and our Certified Flight Instructors, is proud of being so named by the AOPA. We realize that the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is a premiere advocacy group for aviation, and we plan to continue with the practices that have earned recognition by the group.

Beginning Your Piloting Journey with Sierra Charlie Aviation

Your initiation into aviation will begin with earning a private pilot certificate. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers this program as well as the commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating, multi-engine rating, and Certified Flight Instructor I/II training.

The FAA governs all flight schools under either Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 or 141. Sierra Charlie Aviation is a Part 61 authorized training institution. The difference in the two parts is the amount of flexibility regarding curriculum, pacing, and lesson content. The license and checkride are no different, just the paths to them. Sierra Charlie, being a Part 61 flight school, can modify lessons and scheduling to suit student needs.

The number of required flight hours for the private pilot certificate is different between the two types of flight schools as well. For Sierra Charlie Aviation students, the minimum number of flight hours is 40, and for Part 141 school students the number is 35 hours. While this number might seem like an issue, it’s generally not. Most student-pilots accumulate far more than either of these numbers. After all, if it’s your passion to fly, you’ll fly whenever you get the opportunity.

Topics covered in the program range from the weather and situations that will affect flight as well as the aerodynamics of the aircraft, its systems, and all the rules regarding flight.

Continuing Your Aviation Journey with Sierra Charlie Aviation

Once you have your pilot’s license, you can come to Sierra Charlie Aviation for your continued training. The logical next step is to earn your instrument rating. With this supplement to your pilot’s license, you’ll be able to remain in the air in more difficult conditions and more completely use the aircraft’s systems.

When training for your instrument rating, you’ll need a tower-operated airport, and Sierra Charlie Aviation offers this access.

No matter the type of training you receive from Sierra Charlie Aviation, you can bet that you’ll have a Certified and experienced flight instructor, operate a new aircraft outfitted with G1000 avionics and GFC700 autopilot, and fly above the beautiful scenery only Arizona can provide.

There’s no time like the present for you to earn your wings! Come to us as a novice or an experienced pilot. Either way, Sierra Charlie Aviation stands out among the flight schools near Chandler as fully capable and flexible. To begin or continue your aviation journey, reach out to us online or call (480) 637-2118.