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Chandler Flight School

Many aspiring pilots love the feeling of actually controlling an airplane from inside the cockpit. However, some flight schools in Chandler, AZ, prefer to train their students using flight simulation before controlling an actual airplane, and Sierra Charlie Aviation is one such school.

Chandler Flight SchoolThere are many benefits of learning to fly in a flight simulator. For starters, it gives you an almost real feel of what it’s like to fly an airplane. Our flight academy uses some of the best flight simulator products and programs available on the market. The flight simulation software and hardware we use in our school is state of the art; it’s way more advanced than what people use on their smartphones or computers. There are multiple benefits of flight training using flight simulators.

Practice Until You Perfect It

The repeated tasks you complete in a flight simulator builds knowledge and muscle memory. If something goes wrong, you can reset the flight in the simulator and start all over again without any actual consequences. This means you can quickly repeat procedures until you master them. Using a flight simulator for training enables you to master flying maneuvers and techniques before you hop in an actual cockpit.

Extremely Affordable

Flying an actual airplane can be extremely expensive considering the associated costs, including fuel, flight, instructor, maintenance, and insurance fees. Fortunately, a flight simulator cuts out all the costs of flying an airplane and makes flight training extremely affordable. In addition, some programs allow students to check off some flight plans, which reduces the number of airborne lessons. Training with a flight simulator can result in significant cost savings.

Practice Navigation

One of the benefits of training using a flight simulator is it allows you to recreate almost any flying situation, which sharpens your navigational skills. If you are thinking of taking a cross-country flight, we can recreate the scenario in a flight simulator to allow you to practice well before your actual flight.

Sierra Charlie Aviation flight simulators can load different flights to airports throughout the U.S. with accurate layouts and compositions, including geographical features, roads, and nearby airports. This means you can easily plan your flight path, identify stopping points and execute takeoffs and landings.

Simulate Weather Conditions

One thing that Sierra Charlie Aviation students enjoy is the opportunity to fly at any time of the year, thanks to the excellent climate in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona, where our flight schools are located. However, students in other locations are not as fortunate due to bad weather. Flight simulator training can be beneficial when your regular flying lessons are grounded. In addition, you can recreate any weather or flying condition using a flight simulator, just for the fun of it.

Prioritizes Safety

Using a flight simulator is the safest way to learn to fly an airplane. Although flying with a flight instructor is also safe, its safety level does not match the safety level of a flight simulator. Using a flight simulator eliminates the possibility of making a detrimental mistake. Therefore, students can learn and experiment as much as they want from the safety of the ground. In addition, flight simulation training is suitable for both beginners and veteran pilots. It is an excellent way to practice emergency procedures and experience unique flying conditions before they happen in the sky.

At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we know the significance of keeping our students constantly practicing even after getting their certification. We aim to enable students to maintain their proficiency regardless of the courses they pursue. In addition, we offer ground school training using state-of-the-art flight simulator equipment. Our experienced instructors know just how to recreate different flying conditions and situations to sharpen students’ knowledge and experience. In addition, our students enjoy lots of flying time to get the best mix of simulator training and actual flying.

Please visit our flight school in Chandler, AZ, to get a feel of flight training at Sierra Charlie Aviation.