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Cessna Flight School in Chandler, AZ

Are you looking for the best Cessna flight school in Chandler, AZ? Well, the first step towards a successful aviation career is finding the right school. At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we understand the significance of finding the right flight school in Chandler, AZ. We offer flight training in two schools located in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona. Our instructors are trained and certified. They will build your confidence and push you towards success.

Part 141 versus Part 61 Flight Schools

141 Flight School

Cessna Flight School in Chandler, AZThe most distinct feature of Part 141 flight schools is their strict adherence to lesson guidelines and curriculum. They usually have structured programs, including scheduled meetings and classes. Part 141 schools are more like college programs with lots of scheduled activities and timelines. Now, many people choose this type of flight training because of the hour requirements. Some hours are cut from advanced part 141 flight training.

As part of part 141 training, aspiring pilots must log fifty hours of cross-country flight time as pilots in command, ten hours of which must be in an airplane. In addition, they are required to log 40 hours of simulated instrument time, of which 15 hours must be from a certified instrument rating instructor.

Although these requirements apply for part 61 training, the minimum instrument hours requirement for part 141 training is 35 hours. In addition, part 141 training does not require students to log cross-country flight time.

There are many benefits of part 141 training. For starters, it allows students to shorten their training hours to complete advanced training. In addition, the strict guidelines and training schedules of part 141 training may be more conducive to trainees. Generally, part 141 training offers a more expedited training process.

Part 61 Flight School

Essentially, part 61 training is the opposite of part 141; it is more relaxed and accommodates students’ availability and time. In most Part 61 flight schools, the instructor is usually a contractor for the flight school. One of the essential benefits of part 61 training is it enables you to work one on one with a certified flight instructor at your schedule and pace. However, the flexible training structure of part 61 training is why the FAA increased the amount of time it takes to complete the advanced training. For part 61 training, students are expected to log 40 hours of instrument training and 50 hours cross country flight time.

Some of the advantages of part 61 training are you can schedule the training at your time, flexible learning, and a less rigid classroom structure and schedule.

Tips for Finding the Best Flight School

Like housing, location is an extremely important consideration when choosing a flight school. Some factors keep the costs affordable in specific locations. Flight schools in popular destinations and cities usually have larger associated fees. The high costs of such facilities are usually built into their profits because they have to pay expensive rent. In addition, airports require more from flight schools to host them in their locations. In the end, the operational costs of flight schools fall on students.

Consider the cost of the flight training. Some students may prefer to travel to remote locations for flight training, hoping to save some buck. Unfortunately, some of these facilities are located in areas with an inclement climate, which means you may not fly as often as you want.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is an affordable flight training facility with schools in beautiful Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona. We have almost perfect flying conditions throughout the year, which translates to more flight time for you. Our flight schools are located in busy airspaces to optimize your training experience. Our locations mean students can balance flight freedom and the complex flight scenarios of busy airspaces. We aim to enable students to get as much experience as they need within the shortest time possible.

Please contact Sierra Charlie Aviation to learn more about our Cessna flight school in Chandler, AZ.