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Best Multi-Engine Training Programs in Chandler, AZ

The best multi-engine training programs in Chandler, AZ, enable students to fly higher, further, and faster. The programs at Sierra Charlie Aviation are recommended for anyone looking to pursue a career as a pilot with local airlines.

What is a Multi-Engine Rating?

Best Multi-Engine Training Programs in Chandler, AZAs the name suggests, pilots with multi-engine ratings can operate aircraft with more than one engine. Multi-engine training is considered an add-on to private, commercial, or ATP certification. Many students find multi-engine ratings exciting because it enables them to have different flying experiences including speed, performance, and climbing rates.

A common misconception among many students is multi-engine aircraft are easier to handle and safer than single-engine aircraft. Although this is true in some cases, multi-engine aircraft can also be difficult to control, especially if one engine fails. Therefore, our multi-engine training focuses on aircraft performance and control, in addition to other relevant topics.


Apart from system control and performance, many people find getting a multi-engine rating simple. Although it usually costs more than single-engine training, multi-engine training is recommended for people pursuing a career as professional pilots or aircraft owners who want to gain speed, performance, payload, or passenger space.

To be eligible for multi-engine training, you must first obtain private or commercial pilot certification. The eligibility criterion for multi-engine training is outlined in the Federal Aviation Regulations. Students must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English, 17 years old, understand basic math, and have FAA medical certificate.

Knowledge Exam

The FAA does not have a knowledge exam for the multi-engine rating. However, students must pass their practical tests and check rides to obtain multi-engine certification. In addition, private pilot applicants must pass the private pilot FAA knowledge exam consisting of 60 questions. Students are usually given two and half hours to complete the exams, after which they must score at least 70 percent to be certified.

Flight Training

Multi-engine training covers many topics, including aircraft systems, performance, spin awareness, single-engine operations, and instrument approaches. In addition, students must have at least three hours in multi-engine aircraft before they can take the check ride. However, there are no additional flying-hour requirements on top of the private or commercial pilot certification.

The Checkride

Students who demonstrate proficiency in multi-engine aircraft may be considered for a check ride. Students need to learn to control the aircraft in case of engine failure. Therefore, we will practice such scenarios at different times, including during takeoff, landing, instrument approach, and maneuvers.

Since many people on the multi-engine training program are not beginners, they know what to expect during checkrides. Students are expected to know how to respond in different scenarios, have the required paperwork, and bring their examiner’s fee.

Why Sierra Charlie Aviation?

At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we understand the significance of the decision to enroll in a flight school. Therefore, we offer excellent flight training programs to help you gain the skills you need to enter the industry. Our multi-engine training program requires dedication, discipline, and coordination. Yet, despite the challenges, it is incredibly satisfying. We consider Sierra Charlie Aviation to be a career school; our job is not done until we successfully help our students join the industry as professional pilots. Please contact us today to learn more about the best multi-engine training programs in Chandler, AZ.