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Become a Pilot in Phoenix, AZ

Helping fulfill the ambition of anyone who hopes to become a pilot is the driving purpose behind Sierra Charlie Aviation in the area around Phoenix, AZ. Goals range from earning your pay day in the sky to flying your family on a sunny Saturday. Regardless, we’re here to expedite your plans through our FAR Part 61 flight school.

Become a Pilot in Phoenix, AZOur home is the Scottsdale Airport (SDL) in Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather here facilitates flight training all year long. We’re also a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a designation that only comes after diligent evaluation and determination. Our student-pilots benefit from the 75 years of experience the Cessna company has spent building aircraft and training the vast majority of the world’s pilots.

The Sierra Charlie Difference

Award Winning – Sierra Charlie Aviation provides a superior quality school for flight training. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, or AOPA, is a prestigious advocate for aviation and has honored us repeatedly for the quality of our flight training as well as our instructors.

Technically Advanced – The aircraft we use for training are technically advanced for safety as well as readily transferable flight skills. We largely rely on the dependability and safety of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, and we outfit each with G1000 avionics and GFC700 autopilot.

Informed and Experienced Instruction

The instructor team that we have in place has the love of flying, range of experience, and ability to teach that students need to learn effectively. With the Cessna-approved curriculum and remarkable instruction, you’ll be surprised by how easy learning to fly seems.

Accommodating Customer Support

We welcome hopeful pilots from the world over – US citizens and international students alike.

Our international students can count on us to help as they apply for the appropriate visa and TSA authority, look for budget-friendly accommodations, and complete the training.

All of our students will find that our customer support team is dedicated to their successful and hassle-free program completion.

We provide a range of flight training programs including:

  • Private Pilot Certification
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certification
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor I/II

FAR Part 61 Authorized

The FAR Part 61 authorization that governs our efforts at Sierra Charlie Aviation allows us to personalize the approach to flight training for our private and commercial pilot students. This flexibility makes it possible for student-pilots to finish training on their own schedules without sacrificing work, family, or other life obligations.

The criteria for your license will be the same whether you attend a school governed by FAR Part 61 or 141. However, the structure of the two has differences. Part 61 courses can be adjusted whereas the 141 programs are rigid and must be followed precisely. If you’ve already gained some flight hours under your belt, or if you have a pressing occupation/family life, Part 61 is preferable.

Part 141 programs must follow the FAA provided syllabus and requires full-time attendance. A veteran who wishes to take advantage of GI benefits must attend a Part 141 flight school.

Become a pilot by attending Sierra Charlie Aviation in the area around Phoenix, AZ. We have the aircraft, instructors, curriculum, and best practices required to put you in the pilot’s seat quickly and safely. Reach us online or speak with our front desk staff on the phone at (480) 637-2118.