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Aviation Schools in Chandler, AZ

Among the numerous aviation schools in proximity to Chandler, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation stands heads above the rest. Our quality, top-level curriculum offers student-pilots plenty of time for training without interfering with life’s obligations, and our instructors and aircraft are among the best in the industry.

A Cessna Pilot Center, Sierra Charlie Aviation, utilizes new Cessna Skyhawk 172 aircraft. Our fleet of aircraft and Cessna-approved curriculum produce safe, prepared pilots efficiently, in less time and with greater levels of pilot satisfaction.

Aviation Schools in Chandler, AZThe Scottsdale Airport (SDL) is our home, and we enjoy year-round sunny, clear skies. The environment here is terrific for takeoff, and the views from the air are unforgettably beautiful.

The FAA governs flight training schools through Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 or 141. Both must teach to the same standards, but Part 61 schools can adjust pacing, order, and content. Part 141 schools, on the other hand, require full-time participation and strict enforcement of a set curriculum. The checkrides and the certificates are the same.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a Part 61 flight training school, so we’re able to provide training based on your available time and lifestyle.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is an advocacy organization for aviation established in 1939. This group’s opinion matters, and Sierra Charlie Aviation has been identified as having superior instruction and instructors.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a Cessna Pilot Center

This statement carries a lot of weight. It’s not a simple task to be approved by the Cessna Aircraft Company to use their curriculum or claim their bona fides.

When you learn to fly with us, you’re benefitting from the 75 years of best practices Cessna has developed while training the majority of pilots the world over.

Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Cessna-authorized curriculum instructs with cutting edge technology, information, and facilities. We thoroughly maintain our entire fleet of aircraft for the safest flight training experiences, and each is updated with Garmin G1000 Avionics and GFC700 Autopilot.  The fact that we qualify for Cessna’s approval demonstrates the quality of our company and its capacity to train.

Our programs are such that every student is well-prepared for the day of the checkride.

Begin with a Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight is Sierra Charlie’s way of providing pilots with a look into aviation before making a commitment. The idea of flying might not jive with reality, and seeing that for yourself before you buy into a full course is important. This experience is a great gift idea, and the time spent in the air can be included in your license requirements.

During the Discovery Flight experience, you’ll enjoy a walk through of aircraft operations, pre-flight operations, and time in the air. Should you be comfortable with it, we’ll even let you control the aircraft for a short time.

Full Range of Flight Training Services

We serve more than novice pilots. Our flight training center welcomes licensed pilots who want to earn additional ratings or certifications. We provide training dealing with instrument rating, commercial pilot licenses, multi-engine rating, and certified flight instruction training.

The Sierra Charlie Aviation flight training institution is tops among aviation schools in and near Chandler, AZ. To speak with our friendly and helpful customer service staff, reach out by calling (480) 637-2118 or contacting us online.