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Aviation Academy in Chandler, AZ

If you’re short on time and big on piloting dreams, Sierra Charlie Aviation is a superior aviation academy in proximity to Chandler, AZ. We can promise sufficient, safe training in a shortened period of time.

Scottsdale, Arizona, the home of Sierra Charlie Aviation, experiences lovely flying weather and clear sunny skies year-round. We’re authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61. This guidance allows us to provide personalized pacing and structure in a way that Part 141 training can’t.

Aviation Academy in Chandler, AZPart 61 training institutions like Sierra Charlie Aviation require 40 hours of logged flight hours to earn a private pilot license, and Part 141 schools require 5 fewer hours. However, since most pilots log more than 60 hours in the air, this difference in the programs is moot.

The checkride to earn pilot certificates is the same regardless of the type of flight training school attended. Sierra Charlie Aviation, because we’re a Part 61 training institution, is able to adjust pacing, content, and sequencing to work with the student’s schedule.

The Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) that we provide for our student-pilots are incredibly well-trained and experienced in a broad array of conditions and types of aircraft. Our staff is diverse enough to suit all personalities, learning styles, and skill levels. Your learning experience at Sierra Charlie Aviation will be fun and sufficient.

We’ve been recognized by the AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, for providing some of the best flight instruction in the country. In fact, our owner and Senior Flight Instructor, Scott Campbell, has been individually called out for being part of the best 10 instructors in the entire country. Our reputation and awards won lend credence to the claim that we provide incredible flight instruction.

Frequent flying and practice will help you reach your goal faster. Develop skills and keep them in peak condition by regularly flying out of Sierra Charlie Aviation at Scottsdale Airport.

Qualifications for Participation in the Private Pilot Program

The FAA requires that applicants for a private pilot certificate meet the following qualifications:

  • Literate and fluent in spoken and written English
  • 17 years old at time of application (training can begin earlier)
  • Trained and flown under instruction by an authorized Certified Flight Instructor
  • Clear a routine medical exam through the FAA
  • Receive a passing score on a multiple-choice written knowledge exam
  • Log sufficient flight time
  • Sit for at least 40 hours of practical flight instruction and solo flight time (Part 61) or 35 hours (Part 141)
  • Clear an FAA checkride administered by an FAA inspector

After You Become a Certified Private Pilot

A private pilot license allows you to transport your family and friends with visual flying conditions, but you can’t earn wages when involved with flight.

The next step after achieving your certification is to earn an Instrument Rating. In so doing, your skills will extend to flight in other conditions. Sierra Charlie Aviation offers this training as well as multi-engine training, commercial pilot training, and training to become a certified flight instructor.

Sierra Charlie Aviation, the ideal aviation academy for those in Chandler, AZ and the vicinity, stands ready to help you fulfill your flight dreams. To schedule your Discovery Flight or other course of training, give us a call today: (480) 637-2118! We’re eager to share our passion for the skies with all-comers.