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Airline Pilot School Chandler, AZ

Anyone intrigued by the idea of flying an aircraft for a living should consider enrolling in our airline pilot school in Chandler, AZ. At Sierra Charlie Aviation, you can decide to enroll for training to become a commercial, airline, or private pilot. We are all about helping students achieve their dreams. However, it is essential to consider several factors before pursuing a career in airline aviation.

Skill and Training

Airline Pilot School Chandler, AZFlight instructors and pilots will tell you that a career in aviation is not everyone’s passion. Flying a plane requires a high level of confidence, courage, and competence. Airline pilots are trained to deal with emergencies and other issues that private pilots may not experience. If you panic easily, this might not be the best career.

When passengers board a commercial aircraft, their lives depend on the pilots. Therefore, commercial airline pilots must be skilled and trustworthy. In addition, pilots looking to work for major airlines need to log many flight hours. They are also expected to have FAA licenses, thousands of hours of flight time, and a college degree. Experience in flight training or commercial aviation is also an added advantage.

Many airline pilots acquired their flight experience in the military. A significant advantage of training in the military is the fact that the government covers your training cost. On the downside, military flight training can last several years and often has intense competition. The civilian flight training option also has downsides; it can be costly, time-consuming, and unpredictable. In addition, you may be required to obtain FAA certification and ratings and log specific flight hours before your resume is considered competitive. However, airline flight training is always worth the cost, considering the industry’s potential and excellent remuneration.

Cost of Pilot School

The cost of the school depends on the institution. If you have hopes of flying for a major airline, you need to understand that employers require bachelor’s degrees that translate to four years of paying tuition fees and other costs. Therefore, consider flight training investment in your career. Fortunately, airline pilot salaries are pretty competitive.

Airline Pilot Job Prospects

The average annual salary for a U.S airline pilot is about $148,000. It is essential to understand that not every pilot works for an airline. Therefore, salaries for commercial pilots might be lower. Commercial airlines do charter flights and aerial applications, and tours. Regional airlines pay less than major airlines, but switching to a major airline may not always come with a salary increase. A pilot’s salary depends on his seniority level within the airline, and that status does not automatically transfer when you switch from one airline to another. Although the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the aviation industry heavily, the long-term job prospect for airline pilots looks extremely promising.

Admission Requirements

Flight training duration depends on the program’s complexity. However, it is possible to work for a regional or commercial airline without a four-year bachelor’s degree. If you would like to work in a major airline, then a four-year undergraduate degree is necessary. Flight school applicants do not require experience to enroll for training. A test flight determines if a person can pursue a career in aviation.

Sierra Charlie Aviation offers excellent flight training programs. Whether you dream of flying as a hobby or a career, we are here to help. Our flight school is located in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, offering excellent flying conditions throughout the year. We also have a new campus in Chandler, AZ. When you come to our school for flight training, we will pair you with a trained and certified instructor for one-on-one training. We aim to ensure students realize their dreams of flying.

Please contact Sierra Charlie Aviation for details about our school in Chandler, AZ, and for tips on becoming an airline pilot.