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Accelerated Pilot Training Programs Scottsdale, AZ

Are you short on time but filled with dreams of flight? If so, accelerated pilot training programs may be just what you’re seeking. In Scottsdale, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation awaits the opportunity to help you become pilot in command fast without sacrificing safety or fun!

The Flexibility of Part 61

As a flight school governed by FAR Part 61, Sierra Charlie has the flexibility to provide instruction at a faster pace. These training programs are intense but not short on content. We make sure that all of the essential components remain part of the program. In fact, the intensity of accelerated programs often proves to be more effective in training.

Accelerated Pilot Training Programs Scottsdale, AZFlight instruction often requires months to complete, but accelerated programs let you achieve your goals much faster. With the condensed time frames, student pilots should expect long days and study in order to clear evaluations and practical exams.

The Versatility of Our Location

Our location makes it easy to log the requisite flight time since the local weather is beautiful and perfect for flying well over 360 days per year. Additionally, the Scottsdale Airport (SDL) where we’re located is near several practice fields, cities, and hotels. We strive to eliminate obstacles to our pilots’ endeavors.

Time Saved Equals Money Saved

The money that you’ll save with a condensed schedule is another incentive to choose an accelerated program of flight training. Finishing training faster requires less repetition and less money spent. Frequent flying, as opposed to a spread-out timeline, will reinforce training for speedy mastery.

A Certified Flight Instructor at a Part 61 school, like Sierra Charlie, can adjust sequencing and structure to shorten the period of time necessary, and fewer lessons equal money saved.

Not only will you save money by choosing this course, you’ll also receive more individualized training from an instructor who can tailor lessons to suit your learning style and current skills. You’ll also be able to become comfortable with your instructor, which always leads to a less anxious, and more effective, learning environment.

A Program That Works for You

Often, time stands in the way of our dreams. An accelerated flight training course allows you to pursue those dreams when you have the time available. The only obstacle will be you.

If you’re up to independent study and hard work, you can learn to fly with our accelerated programs.

Recognized by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) every single year of operations, Sierra Charlie excels and succeeds in training pilots in a manner that they find enjoyable and sufficient. Furthermore, we take great pride in doing so.

The Dependability and Safety of Our Fleet

When learning to fly, having a dependable, safe aircraft shouldn’t be a question. Our fleet is remarkably well-kept, consisting of Cessna planes for single-engine training and a Piper PA-44 Seminole for multi-engine training. We use newer model planes, outfitted with updated technology including Glass Cockpit. Confidence in the safety of your machine will never be an issue when you come to Sierra Charlie for training.

Gain your commercial or private pilot certificate, multi-engine rating, or instrument rating through accelerated pilot training programs in Scottsdale, AZ, at Sierra Charlie Aviation. If you’re ready to get started, begin by dialing (480) 637-2118 to schedule a tour and a meeting to plan your program.