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Accelerated Pilot Instrument Rating Chandler, AZ

One thing you should ask before you go for an accelerated pilot instrument rating in Chandler, AZ, is why you need the rating. Some students enroll for training because they feel it’s a good thing to add to their resume. Another reason is that an instrument rating provides an excellent foundation for a career in aviation. In addition, an instrument rating can boost personal or business flying productivity.

Accelerated Pilot Instrument Rating Chandler, AZAt Sierra Charlie Aviation, we offer students different ways to obtain their instrument ratings. The options they choose determine the training method to be used. One of the options is accelerated training which enables students to obtain their licenses faster.

Instrument Rating Requirements

Students need to meet various requirements to qualify for instrument rating certification. Some of the requirements for pilot instrument rating include:

  • Hold a private pilot certificate or be applying for PPL
  • Read, speak, write, and understand English
  • Logged at least 50 hours of flight time and at least 10 hours in an airplane for the instrument rating

Flight Training

To qualify for instrument rating training, applicants are required to log flight training from authorized instructor aircraft, flight simulators, or training devices representing the aircraft relevant to the instrument rating sought by the applicant. In addition, applicants are required to receive logbooks or training record endorsements from certified instructors indicating they are prepared to take the required tests.

Ground training

Instrument rating applicants must also log ground training from certified flight instructors or complete a course in instrument rating. In addition, applicants must receive logbooks and training record endorsements indicating they are prepared to take necessary knowledge tests.

Flight Simulators and Training Devices

IFX applicants must log a maximum of 30 hours in a flight simulator or flight training device.

Although IFX training can be pretty challenging at times, it is probably one of the most rewarding and fun qualifications you could ever earn in aviation.

Obtaining Your Pilot Ratings

Acquiring a private pilot certificate can open up many career opportunities for you. Many PPL certificate holders pursue other certifications to increase their chances of getting excellent career opportunities in Aviation. One of the certifications you could pursue after PPL is instrument rating. One of the most significant benefits of instrument training is it enables you to build flight time. This means the total amount of time you spend teaching others counts towards the total flight time you need to become a professional pilot. In addition, instrument rating certification saves costs because it enables you to earn money as you teach others.

FAA regulations allow students to pursue their instrument rating training as soon as they obtain their private pilot certification. Instrument rating comes with many benefits. For starters, it enables students to learn to fly aircraft in poor visibility, including fog, haze, and clouds. Learning to fly in poor visibility is an essential skill for an aspiring pilot.

Students are required to log at least 40 hours of instrument time to obtain an instrument rating. Instrument time refers to the number of hours pilots spend flying airplanes while only looking at the instrument panel in the cockpit. In many cases, this involves using a flight simulator.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a certified Cessna Service Center. Our fleet of new Cessna aircraft is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, including GPS, autopilot, and SMS. In addition, our students train on FAA-approved flight simulators, which helps them complete their instrument rating quickly and at affordable rates. A considerable advantage of using our simulators for training is that they enable you to learn maneuvers without consuming fuel, saving costs. In addition, we offer students routine tests to ensure they experience real-life flight simulations to prepare them to execute maneuvers in actual planes.

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