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Accelerated Flight Training Chandler, AZ

One thing students should do before joining an accelerated flight training school in Chandler, AZ, is manage their expectations for the program. Avoid enrolling in schools that claim to offer fast training without showing you exactly how they can achieve it. Sierra Charlie Aviation can condense our flight training programs to allow students to complete them within a shorter period.

The Reality

Accelerated Flight Training Chandler, AZAt Sierra Charlie Aviation, we often advise our students to consider several factors before choosing the accelerated training program. For starters, we would not recommend the program for people who are new to flying. The condensed nature of the program may leave students feeling overwhelmed or saturated. Some students end up feeling like they are not learning.

It is advisable to choose an accelerated flight training program if you are familiar with the program or flying. Otherwise, you may end up pushing on in a program that is not suitable for you.

Get Adequate Rest

Be sure to get adequate rest during the entire duration of your program. Fatigue may affect the success of your training. Accelerated flight training usually involves learning many new skills and behaviors. However, a considerable benefit of accelerated flight training is it allows you to get your pilot license faster. This means you need adequate rest to process all the learning that comes with the program. Consider taking regular breaks from the program and rest days to keep you focused on the training.


Avoid paying huge sums of money to flight schools upfront. Instead, choose a school that offers a flexible payment schedule. Some flight schools allow students to pay as their training progresses while remaining cost-neutral. This option enables students to pay for their training as they go.


Although it is possible to complete your private pilot training sooner, the program usually lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the number of hours you dedicate to flight training. It is possible to get your private pilot license in about six weeks with excellent weather and if you can pick up flight concepts quickly. Many students who commit to full-time training at Sierra Charlie Aviation complete their private pilot training in two to three months.

The fast way to get a private pilot license is to enroll in an accelerated flight training program as a full-time student. However, it is essential to understand that the weather can significantly impact how quickly you complete your training.

It is advisable to prepare for flight training adequately. In addition, be prepared to work hard and complete your ground training early. Avoid wasting precious time in class when you could be outside flying.

Like any training, flight training can be a bit challenging at times. In such instances, some students may start to question why they ever enrolled for training. Do not be discouraged; getting a private pilot license is achievable. Be patient and continue with your flying lessons.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a renowned flight academy with schools in Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona. Our commitment is to ensure our fleet is well maintained and students are safe. We offer faster completion times than many flight training schools. Please call Sierra Charlie Aviation to inquire about accelerated flight training in Chandler, AZ.