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Accelerated CFI Training Chandler, AZ

If you’d rather be in the sky than anywhere else, have you considered making a career of sharing that love with others? Sierra Charlie Aviation offers accelerated CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) training near Chandler, AZ. Every day is a joy when you love what you do for a living!

Accelerated CFI Training Chandler, AZWe share your passion for aviation at Sierra Charlie. Positioned in lovely Scottsdale, AZ, we enjoy clear-for-takeoff weather year-round, and tower-controlled Scottsdale Airport (SDL) provides proximal convenience to many practice airfields.

As a FAR Part 61-authorized flight school, we’re prepared to provide modified training programs as needed. Unlike Part 141 schools, we’re not married to format or pacing. While the standards are the same for the same license regardless of school authorization, we can adjust the lesson to suit students’ schedule availability and learning preferences because of our Part 61 governance.

The full menu of training we provide includes private and commercial pilot licenses, instrument rating training, multi-engine training, and Certified Flight Instructor I/II training.

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor

With a Certified Flight Instructor certificate, you’ll have the ticket to spend your time in the sky while helping others pursue their interest in learning to pilot a single-engine aircraft. Imagine getting paid to teach interested parties about your passion; does it get better than that?

Sierra Charlie Aviation provides real-life, practical training. We don’t just guide you through memorization; when you finish our program, you’ll be a fully prepared aviation teacher with the skills required for communicating and demonstrating knowledge and abilities to all types of student-pilots. Part of the program is building a rapport with student-pilots and effectively and thoroughly teaching them all they need to know to safely fly a plane.

When you come to Sierra Charlie Aviation, the instruction you receive will come from experienced instructors, many of whom have education degrees and recognition from the AOPA for the incredible quality of flight instruction they’ve provided.

Certified Flight Instructor Training Pre-Requisites:

  • Valid FAA medical certificate
  • Passed Flight Instructors Airplane (FIA) test
  • Passed Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) test
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IFR)

Our program integrates ground, flight, and test preparation, as we provide training in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of effective teaching
  • Psychology of learning
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom instruction techniques
  • Night training techniques
  • Preflight preparation
  • Basic aerodynamics and the principles of flight
  • Aeronautical decision making and judgment
  • Ground operations
  • Airport operations
  • Emergency operations
  • After-landing procedures

The accelerated course we offer allows you to become certified as an instructor within 2-3 weeks, and we offer the flexibility to allow for 6 weeks for a self-paced completion.

The Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, or CFII, is another course we provide as an accelerated 2–3-week program. It will allow you to serve as an instructor for flight training and qualify you as an administrator of instrument proficiency measurements. This certification is an add-on that supplements your initial CFI license.

Should you choose Sierra Charlie Aviation, the fleet, instructors, curriculum, and even the weather, will be on your side.

If you feel drawn to share your love of aviation with others, do so by participating in our accelerated Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training at Sierra Charlie Aviation near Chandler, AZ. To learn more, call us to speak with our front desk representatives: (480) 637-2118.