Meet Our Team

Nick Mattingly 2019-10-25T19:03:05+00:00


Senior Flight Instructor

  • Commercial Pilot SEL, MEL
  • Instrument Airplane
  • Flight Instructor CFI, CFII, MEI

Nick has grown up around aviation his entire life and spent a lot of time at the airport with his father who is a private pilot. When Nick was 14 he took his first flight lesson and fell in love with flying and knew this was the career that he wanted to pursue. He then went on to do his first solo flight at the age of 16 and earned his Private Pilot’s License at the age of 17. Once he graduated from high school he enrolled in ATP Flight School to complete his flight training obtaining his instrument through instructor ratings. To Nick, there is nothing else like flying. He believes that it is an awesome feeling to fly an airplane and he likes sharing his experience through training others. Nick is enjoying working for Sierra Charlie Aviation and enjoys teaching others how to fly. He is also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Grand Canyon University.

Nick currently has 1,600+ total flight hours with 1,100+ of them gained through flight instruction. Nick has experience flying many types of Cessna’s, Beechcraft’s, Cirrus’, and Piper’s. He enjoys teaching but also enjoys recreational flying and looks for opportunities to ferry aircraft to various locations to gain experience in different types of airplanes.