Meet Our Team

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Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot SEL, MEL
Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor CFI

Kyle’s passion for aviation started with his mother, who is a flight attendant and regaled him with stories of the jet set crowd.

Although his first love was baseball, Kyle was a collegiate athlete where he played college baseball at Yavapai community college, then on to University of Mississippi Ole Miss before finishing his degree at Minnesota State University with a Bachelor of Science. A career in baseball did not work out, but an opportunity to fly with an airline pilot gave Kyle the “bug”.

Kyle is a homegrown student who started his training here and working the front desk at Sierra Charlie.  He was one of the first students to earn all his certificates from private to commercial, as well as earning his CFI here at Sierra Charlie. In addition, outside of Sierra Charlie, Kyle earned his CE- 525 type rating and flies corporate out of Scottsdale in a Citation CJ3.   He is excited to join the team and teach what Sierra Charlie is all about.