Meet Our Team

Kimberly Prodan 2019-10-25T19:03:04+00:00


Senior Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot SEL, MEL
Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor CFI, CFII

Kim’s aviation career began later in life after a nearly 20-year career in Education. Her dad, who was in the air branch of the Navy during WW2 and Korea, always talked about how he loved to fly, pointing out airplanes from the time she was a little girl. However, she never thought about becoming a pilot until her husband bought her flight lessons for Christmas one year. Upon earning her Private Certificate, Kim felt that continuing her aviation training and becoming a flight instructor would be the best of both worlds!  Her new classroom would be the cockpit, located at various locations and altitudes!

Kim has a passion for teaching and loves those “Ah-Ha!” moments when the concepts of flying all come together for her students!  Kim’s flight training took place in Phoenix at Westwind School of Aeronautics. With 2000 hours of flight time, which include 1500 hours of dual instruction given, she is always looking forward to learning new things! One of Kim’s favorite flights took place during her private pilot training on an evening flight in the month of March over Lake Pleasant, as the full moon was rising in the East, the sun was setting in the West and the city lights began to twinkle in the Phoenix sky.

Kim is a teacher at heart and loves helping people achieve their goals!  She is very excited to be working with Sierra Charlie Aviation.