Meet Our Team

Devin Motley 2019-10-25T19:03:04+00:00


Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot SEL
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor CFI

Devin has been fascinated with aviation ever since he saw the Thunderbirds as a kid. However, his path to a career in aviation took a detour. He obtained a degree in Construction Management from Arizona State University. His construction career was focused on aviation as he was able to work almost exclusively on airport construction projects around the country. Continuing to be around aviation only fueled his desire to become a pilot. After 14 years in a construction management career, Devin and his family decided to pursue his passion (career change to becoming a pilot).

Devin started his training with Sierra Charlie Aviation with this goal in mind. Just over a year later, he had successfully obtained his Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate and CFI at Sierra Charlie Aviation. He has found his passion of sharing aviation with others and hopes to inspire and help many others to take the leap of pursuing their passions and goals of becoming pilots!