Meet Our Team

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Flight Instructor

Commercial Pilot SEL
Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor CFI

Coltin always wanted to be a pilot growing up. Flying on family trips was always the best part of the vacation for him. He was able to be around the airport and see airplanes taking off and landing.  He loved the feeling of being able to walk onto the airplane and was awed as he walked by the cockpit!

Coltin has always had a passion for sports as well. After high school, his talent led him to play college baseball.  Ultimately, his passion for aviation took over and he redirected his focus.  After researching flight schools, he found Sierra Charlie Aviation to be the best fit for him. He was sold on it the first time I went up for a Discovery Flight.  In that moment, he knew he wanted to complete his training as fast as he could so that he could fly for a living.  Coltin went from zero hours to Certified Flight Instructor in a little over 12 months while working for his dad as a machine shop operator. Coltin and his brother, Devin Motley, completed all their training at the same time. Coltin is loving every moment instructing and sharing his passion for aviation with his students.