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Mentor Pilot Program Scottsdale, AZ

If you don’t feel comfortable flying in challenging weather conditions or to an unfamiliar destination, Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Mentor Pilot Program in Scottsdale, AZ can help increase your confidence in the pilot’s seat.

Sierra Charlie Aviation, located at Scottsdale Airport (SDL), is a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training. We are proud to have been selected for AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2017 as one of the top flight schools in the country.

Mentor Pilot Program

Transitioning from flying with an instructor to your first solo flights can be a big obstacle for all student pilots. In fact, according to AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine, 25% of pilots who obtain their private pilot license don’t feel comfortable flying without instructor supervision.

Whether it’s a flight around the pattern or a flight across the country, a day with strong crosswinds or crossing into busy airspace, or a flight in a brand new type of aircraft, the instructors in our Mentor Pilot Program are here to lend a hand at building the confidence you need.

Flight training can be very different from flying alone. When you pilot a plane solo from takeoff to landing and are in command of every climb and dive, the only person you can rely upon for a safe trip is yourself.  You won’t be able to pull over to think about it or take time to relax yourself if you encounter a hairy situation.

It’s not unusual for newly minted pilots to have anxiety about making poor decisions when there’s no extra safety net (the instructor) in the cockpit. It may help to remember that your instructor signed you off because they have complete confidence in your skills, but there’s no shame in flying with a copilot.

While Sierra Charlie Aviation strives to instill confidence in our students from the very beginning, if you want to increase your confidence in the pilot’s seat before flying on your own, we are here to help!

We can also provide insurance-mandated pilot mentoring services for owners of new high-performance aircraft. Our experienced instructors have flown everything from Piper Cubs to Cessna Citations and can help you fly safely and build a strong understanding of your new aircraft. Many pilots continue to fly with a mentor well beyond the insurance company or FAA requirements, and our knowledgeable instructors are available to help.

You’ll get more comfortable with more experience, and our Mentor Pilot Program can be personalized to meet your needs. We can ride along with you, answer operational questions, provide guidance when you need it, and offer additional training you may not have covered in flight school.

Fly with confidence and peace of mind by taking advantage of help from Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Mentor Pilot Program whenever you need it. Get in touch with us today at (480) 474-4115 to find out more about the program.