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Flight Training near Phoenix, AZ

If you live or work near Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler or the surrounding areas, flight training at Sierra Charlie Aviation in Scottsdale, AZ couldn’t be more convenient for earning your wings.

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a FAR Part 61 aviation school. We are proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center, one of a limited number of flight schools that have achieved approval by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the world leader in General Aviation.

Our training team is made up of highly experienced Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs). These exceptional instructors, combined with our Cessna-approved computer-based curriculum, will help you earn your wings quickly with one-on-one instruction that is tailored to your schedule.

Why Choose Sierra Charlie?

      • Location: Sierra Charlie Aviation is located at Scottsdale Airport (SDL) in the beautiful Sonoran Desert which is bordered to the west by Phoenix and to the east by the McDowell Mountains. This central location provides our students with a great training environment.
      • Flexibility: Our FAR Part 61 training program is simpler than a FAR Part 141 program. It is ideal for students who need a more flexible program to help them reach their goals. If you have limited time to devote to training, our Part 61 training course enables you to complete your training in an accelerated timeframe.
      • Excellent Curriculum: As a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), we utilize the Airman Certification Standards issued by the FAA, the King School’s syllabus, and a wide range of first-hand experience to ensure that each testable item is covered and that each student is ready for a real-world flying experience.
      • Top-Notch Aircraft: Our growing training fleet includes two Cessna 172 Skyhawks that are G1000 equipped and coupled with GFC700 autopilot. In production since the 1950s, this is one of the safest general aviation aircraft ever built and a great training aircraft. It makes learning to fly easier, primarily because it has lower takeoff and landing speeds and is very forgiving. More pilots have launched their dreams in a Cessna 172 than in any other aircraft. And many of them will tell you that you don’t learn to fly a 172. The 172 flies itself; you simply tell it where to go!
      • Highly Qualified Instructors: Sierra Charlie’s training team is composed of passionate and highly experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) who have trained everyone from Sport Pilots to Flight Instructors and recreational flyers to airline pilots. Owner and Chief Flight Instructor, Scott Campbell (CFI, MEI), has also been named as AOPA’s Best Flight Instructor in the Southwest Region, and Senior Flight Instructor Tom DeYoung (CFI, CFII) is one of three instructors in the region to be recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor.

At Sierra Charlie Aviation, we work hard to ensure that our student pilots receive the best and safest training in the industry. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a Discovery Flight, which will give you first-hand experience in the pilot’s seat. This is essentially a standalone lesson that will count toward the minimum requirements for your license.

Contact Sierra Charlie Aviation today at (480) 474-4115 and let us customize an affordable flight training program near Phoenix, AZ to meet your needs.