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Commercial Pilot License

Ready to put your pilot skills to use to fly for compensation? Acquiring your commercial pilot license will offer you more freedom than your private pilot license.

Sierra Charlie Aviation, located at Scottsdale Airport (SDL) in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training, and operates under FAA 14 CFR Part 61 rules. We are proud to have been selected for AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2017 as one of the top flight schools in the country.

SDL is a tower-controlled airport with an 8,249-foot runway at the base of the McDowell Mountains. It has no commercial commuter or airline service and is one of the nation’s premier corporate jet facilities, recording approximately 150,000 takeoffs and landings each year. Its central location provides students with a great training environment.

Our growing training fleet includes brand new Cessna 172 Skyhawks that are G1000 equipped and coupled with GFC700 autopilot. Your glass cockpit training in the 172 will be transferable to every glass cockpit aircraft, from a Cirrus SR-22, to a TBM, to a Citation Mustang.  

Sierra Charlie Aviation welcomes students from across the U.S., Canada and abroad, and can design an accelerated course to help you complete your certificate more quickly. Just let us know your goals, and we’ll create a program to meet your needs. 

Eligibility / Requirements

The Commercial Pilot License allows you to fly day or night, carry passengers or property, and get paid for certain types of operation, such as banner towing, agricultural applications, and photography. You can be paid for instructing if you hold a flight instructor certificate. To fly for hire, you must hold a second-class medical certificate.

To be certified by the FAA as a commercial pilot, you must meet the following requirements:

      • 18 years of age
      • Read, speak, write, and understand the English language
      • Hold a Private Pilot License
      • Log 250 total flight hours
      • Log 100 flight hours Pilot-In-Command (PIC) training
          • 50 flight hours PIC cross-country
          • 50 flight hours in airplanes
      • Log 20 hours dual flight time
          • 2 hour / 100 nm day cross-country
          • 2 hour / 100 nm night cross-country
          • 10 hours instrument training
          • 10 hours in a complex aircraft
      • Log 10 hours solo flight time
          • 5 flight hours in night VFR conditions
          • 300 nm cross-country with landings at three airports
      • Pass an aeronautical knowledge written test
      • Pass an oral test and check-ride with an FAA-designated examiner

For students interested in an aviation career, the commercial pilot license takes them one step closer to attaining the dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot (which requires an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate).

Our Highly Qualified Instructors

Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) have extensive piloting experience—from corporate, to World War II aircraft demonstration, to bush piloting in Alaska – that gives them exceptional ability to teach and a capacity to diversify training based on the individual needs of our students.

Owner and Chief Flight Instructor Scott Campbell (CFI, MEI) has been named AOPA’s Best Flight Instructor in the Southwest Region in 2017, and Senior Flight Instructor Tom DeYoung (CFI, CFII) is one of three instructors in the region to be recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor.

Sierra Charlie Aviation proudly trains the professional pilots of tomorrow. To learn more about earning a commercial pilot license, contact us at (480) 474-4115 and let us customize an affordable training program to meet your needs.