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Certified Flight Instructor Training Scottsdale, AZ

If you are looking to further your career as a pilot, gain a new career as a flight instructor, or simply gain more hours of training, then certified flight instructor training may be for you. If you are in or around Scottsdale, AZ, Sierra Charlie Aviation may be just the place you need to be.

In the Scottsdale area, there is no better or more flexible Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Training than the training you can receive at Sierra Charlie Aviation. Like all of our training, it is aimed at helping you achieve your professional goals while remaining as flexible as possible.

Eligibility / Requirements

Becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) is like earning a graduate degree in aviation.  You have to demonstrate a very high level of knowledge to an FAA examiner as well as your ability to effectively teach the material to a student, both on the ground and in the air. To be eligible for this “teaching” certificate, a person must:

      • Be at least 18 years of age
      • Read, speak, write, and understand the English language
      • Hold a valid FAA 3rd Class medical certificate
      • Hold either a commercial pilot certificate or airline transport pilot certificate with the appropriate instrument ratings for the aircraft you intend to teach on (e.g., single-engine, multi-engine)
      • Pass two FAA Knowledge Tests
      • Pass the FAA Practical Flight Test and Oral Examination

If your goal is to go further, the CFII, or Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument, enables you to teach instrument rating applicants, both on aeronautical knowledge and flight training. (This is a great way to build your instrument skills.) You could also add on your MEI, or Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI), rating, which gives you the qualifications and credentials to teach students in Multi-Engine aircraft.

What Can A Certified Flight Instructor Do?

Now, you may be wondering what the CFI certificate will allow you to do. As a flight instructor, you will be responsible for helping people realize their dream of flight. According to the FAA, as long as you hold the appropriate ratings, you may train student pilots, pilots, flight instructors, ground instructors, and pilots seeking aircraft or instrument ratings up to 8 hours in any 24-consecutive-hour period.

Should You Become A Certified Flight Instructor?

It is not necessary to gain a flight instructor certificate unless your aim is to teach. However, many pilots will gain their instructor certificates along the way, and with good reason.  First, training as an instructor will further your knowledge of both the practice and theory of flying and operating an aircraft. Second, flight instructors gain valuable hours of hands-on practice, which benefits virtually all pilots.

In any event, if you are considering a Certified Flight Instructor Training program, we hope that you will consider Sierra Charlie Aviation.

      • We provide top-notch training aircraft (featuring new Cessna 172 Skyhawks)
      • Our location is ideal for training (Scottsdale, AZ has some of the best flying weather in the world with more than 300 days of clear and sunny weather each year)
      • Our curriculum is second-to-none
      • Our team of experienced flight instructors will help guide you through the process
      • And perhaps above all, we are passionate about flying. Many of us got into this business for the same reason we suspect you may want to—because you love aircraft and love to fly!

If you are interested in receiving certified flight instructor training and are in the Scottsdale, AZ area, then feel free to give Sierra Charlie Aviation a call at (480) 474-4115.