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Aviation School in Scottsdale, AZ

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a FAR Part 61 aviation school conveniently based out of the Scottsdale, AZ airport (SDK). We are proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center, one of a limited number of flight schools that have achieved approval by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the world leader in General Aviation.

Our training team is made up of highly experienced Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs) who have trained everyone from sport pilots to flight instructors, and recreational flyers to airline pilots. These exceptional instructors, combined with our Cessna-approved computer-based curriculum, will help you earn your wings quickly with one-on-one instruction that is tailored to your schedule.

Sierra Charlie Aviation has been honored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) as one of the top flight schools in the country, and owner and senior flight instructor, Scott Campbell, has been named as one of AOPA’s Top 10 Outstanding Flight Instructors in the U.S. for 2016. 

Our growing training fleet includes two brand new Cessna 172 Skyhawks that are G1000 equipped and coupled with GFC700 autopilot. This is one of the safest general aviation aircraft ever built and a great training aircraft. Since first introduced in the 1950s, more pilots have earned their wings in a 172 than any other aircraft in the world.

Why Choose a FAR Part 61 Flight School?

Flight schools fall into two basic categories, Part 61 or Part 141. The part numbers refer to FAR 14 CFR 61 and FAR 14 CFR 141.

Both training courses require students to meet the same standard of performance in order to obtain a private pilot certificate, but there are some differences in structure, accountability, and minimum requirements.

There are differences in the minimum flight times required in Part 61 (40 hours) and Part 141 (35 hours) pilot training programs, but the national average for earning a private pilot certificate is 60 to 75 hours, which means the difference is not significant for most students.

Part 61 is the simpler, more flexible system. The structure of the Sierra Charlie Aviation FAR Part 61 pilot training system allows students to rearrange the content and sequence of their flying lessons to meet their individual needs, a factor that is important when you have limited available training time.

Part 141 flight schools have significantly more FAA oversight. Teaching methods are standardized. The syllabus must be followed precisely with very little variation, making Part 141 schools less flexible and best for full-time students who are pursuing a career in aviation. Part 141 training is also required if you wish to take advantage of Veteran and GI Bill benefits.

No matter which type of flight school you choose, there will be no difference in your pilot’s certificate. The FAA checkride is also the same for Part 61 and Part 141 students.

Consider your long-term goals and the time you have available to train to decide which program will be the best fit for you.

Sierra Charlie Aviation’s Cessna aviation school in Scottsdale, AZ, will provide you with the opportunity to learn to fly in the single-engine Cessna Skyhawk 172, the industry standard for professional flight training. Call us today at (480) 474-4115 to get started!