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Arizona Flying Lessons

Consider flying lessons in Scottsdale, Arizona, where students enjoy over 300 days of clear, sunny, aviation-perfect weather every year –  the best flying weather in the world!

Sierra Charlie Aviation is a certified Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), a specially selected flight school that represents top-quality, professional flight training. Only a limited number of flight schools achieve approval as Cessna Pilot Centers from the Cessna Aircraft Company, the world leader in General Aviation.

We operate under FAA 14 CFR Part 61 rules. Our program is simpler than a FAR Part 141 program. It is ideal for students who are not available for full-time flight training or need a more customizable program to help them meet their goals.

Our team of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) has extensive piloting experience—from corporate, to World War II aircraft demonstration, to bush piloting in Alaska – giving them exceptional ability to teach and a capacity to diversify training based on the individual needs of our students.

Sierra Charlie Aviation was a winner of AOPA Flight Training Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2017 as one of the top flight schools in the country. Owner and Chief Flight Instructor Scott Campbell (CFI, MEI) was recognized by AOPA as the Best Flight Instructor in the Southwest Region, and Senior Flight Instructor Tom DeYoung (CFI, CFII) was one of three instructors in the region to be recognized as a Distinguished Flight Instructor.

Flexible Curriculum

As a certified Cessna Pilot Center, Sierra Charlie Aviation utilizes the Cessna-approved curriculum to ensure that you are learning the most up-to-date concepts and meet all of the FAA requirements for a Private Pilot Certificate.

The Cessna program is the only integrated flight-training program in existence. It includes all training materials, ground school, and flight time needed to prepare you for your check ride. The program can be adapted to suit your learning style and pace, and your training can be scheduled based on what works best for you.

Ground school provides the basic aviation knowledge your flight training will build upon. You will learn about weather, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight planning, and federal regulations. Sierra Charlie Aviation provides group ground school quarterly to help you save on the cost of training. It is an 8-week program with classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

FAR Part 61 training programs like ours require a minimum of 40 hours of flight time (20 with an instructor and 20 solo) to earn a private pilot certificate. Few people complete their training in the minimum amount of time; most take 60 to 80 hours. The major milestones will be your first solo flight, a solo cross-country flight, and your FAA check ride.

Next Steps

If you’ve never been up in a small aircraft before, we recommend that you first take a Discovery Flight where one of our highly qualified FAA Approved Flight Instructors will introduce you to the aircraft and the skies above Scottsdale and let you feel what it’s like to fly an airplane. If you decide to pursue flying lessons, the Discovery Flight will count toward the minimum requirements for your pilot license.

Learning to fly is not difficult, but it requires study and practice. If you’re ready for flying lessons in Arizona, get in touch with Sierra Charlie Aviation at (480) 474-4115. We’ll help you earn your wings!